It all began in 2020 when I discovered how delightful coffee can be – at an unexpected age, given how popular coffee is. Soon after, I started learning more and more about this curious fruit so many people are crazy about. From there to here was just a matter of time and dedication… and a big bag of curiosity.

Endorphine stands for coffee beans that are roasted and delivered in such way that anyone can enjoy an amazing coffee in the comfort of their own home. A coffee that offers a mind-blowing sensory experience. A fiesta of flavors.

Yes, coffee is nice and maybe the best one is made by your favorite barista at your favorite cafe. However, we believe that a delicious coffee should always be at hand, we are offering a premium home brewing coffee alternative.
Endorphine Coffee is carefully and professionally roasted by hand in Bucharest. Artisan way. Both beans and ground coffee.

Limited single origin batches. Professionally rated. Delightful daily blends.
Dedicated to your preferred way of coffee brewing: espresso, filter, kettle and so on…

A brew for the spirit. For a younger spirit. An experience in itself!



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